SMART Retirement was created to help individuals and businesses ease successfully into retirement. It was born when the co-founders' loved one collapsed on his first day of retirement, and in a terrifying series of events, was rushed to hospital in the back of an ambulance.

The reason for his collapse, recent retirement, left him feeling worthless and lost. Out of this experience was born the dream, that all retirees should have a fulfilled, not time filled retirement.

The school provides the ultimate guide to achieving a fulfilled retirement. Get all the secret tips to make SMART decisions and plans for your retirement including:

  • Identifying what gives you your sense of worth and purpose
  • Anticipating potential relationship issues that may arise and plans to avoid them
  • Mapping your social network - to plan for support networks and friends following retirement
  • The importance of health and exercise in retirement
  • Planning your day in retirement to avoid common issues such as loss of structure and purpose
  • Utilizing your existing skills in retirement or learning new ones
  • Exploring work options - volunteering, part time work , consulting and more
  • Evaluating downsizing options and looking at the paperwork

You will walk away with a detailed plan to get it all done thereby achieving happiness and fulfillment in the next 20 - 30 years. 

Find out if you are ready using our quick assessment tool.

What is SMART Retirement School all about?

"Thanks SMART Retirement, you helped me find my sense of purpose again."

- John Coppen

Di & Kristin


This dynamic duo have a shared passion, creating retirees who live happy and fulfilled retirements, not time filling retirements.

Di, CEO or Chief Experience Officer, has many years experience in a wide variety of businesses. She has experienced the challenges of the retirement transition first hand and can help you work through these.

Kristin, COO or Chief Opportunities Officer, with not quite as much experience, wants to help you harness all the opportunities that retirement presents.

We will help you to develop a plan that gives you a secure and confident future.